Ahh shucks ……

Someone needs to go where the rhubarb grows and rake in the fish fertilizer so that the dogs won’t eat it all.

Or muddle about a bit in the front flowerbeds, sort the weeds from the maybe weeds.

Determine what can stay and what cannot.

You know, make the big decisions instead of searching the Online News sites or watching CNN.

Had to hide the loppers from Momma, this time of year sets her into a pruning frenzy and the Good Lord help any sapling or shaggy bush that might befall her path.

Me, why I’m just grateful anything grows at all.

Barb has taken away my glasses, bemoaning my cleaning process, leaving me to peck about the keyboard as a bird looks for worms, head bobbing and inches from the ground.

Speaking of worms.

Didn’t you ever search the neighbors yard in the middle of the night, flashlight in hand, crawling around on hands and knees looking for that perfect fishing worm?

See the neighbor’s curtain part, ever so slightly, to peek out at the giggling little boys settling on the summer’s lawn.

Brown paper bags filled with earth to hold the wriggling beauties.

Scattered, bottles of soda to quench the thirst of an evening’s work.

Their flashlights play like fireflies, and the soft laughter is a dust of gentle music sifting through the moonlight.

Oh, the magic of a small town, long ago, far away.

This is a pic of a portion of our weekly supply of just picked, organic lettuce from RainShadow farms outside Redmond.

We feature large beautiful heads for $2.59 each @ both our stores. Almost makes you turn vegetarian or Vegan.

3 todays lettuce 5-20

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