Weekly Menu

Tate and Tate Catering offers rotating menus every week for their Grab and Go Food or daily Home Delivery of our retail specialty casseroles, individual entrees, salads and desserts.  This is a great option for those last minute guests or if you want to take a rest from cooking tonight. Check out our delicious menus below.

 For the weeks of: 12/11/2017

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Please know that while we try to maintain a variety of options for quick grab and go, if there is something specific you want, please give us 24 hours notice.


Offered as a preorder, daily soups may vary

1 QT Soup, Garden Salad and House Dressing (Green Goddess or Basil Vinaigrette),

Fresh Bread and Individual Dessert

  • Vegetarian Vegetable
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Green Split Pea and Ham
  • Great Northern White Bean & Bacon

A La Carte Soup

  • 1 Quart, 2 Rolls: $7.25
  • 1 Pint, 1 Roll $5.50


Available with 24-hour pre-order only

Dinners come with your choice of soup or salad, dessert and our homemade bread.

Cooked, china plated, individual dinners. Microwave Ready in 3 – 5 Minutes.

For entrée in a disposable container please add $2.00, per plate.


Grilled Chinook Salmon with caramelized onion & mushrooms        $15.50
Pacific Salmon marinated with lemon and sweet onion, mushrooms & black pepper.
Flat Iron of Beef with Black Beans & Tomato Salsa                                  $15.50
Flat Iron steak broiled and served on a bed of black beans & finished with mild salsa.
Poached Petrale Sole with shrimp                                                                   $15.50
White wine cream sauce
Teriyaki chili glazed spareribs                                                                                $15.50
Pork ribs in a ginger pepper rub, braised in teriyaki and glazed with a sweet chili glaze.
Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp, artichoke and tomato saute                    $15.50
Buttery shrimp sauteed with capers, tomato, garlic, kalamata olives and muchrooms.
Fettuccini with Chicken and Prosciutto $15.50
Chicken with Penne Pasta and Spinach $15.50
Shrimp and Tomato Fettuccini $15.50
Shrimp and Clam Linguini $15.50


Chile Roast Beef with Black Beans $15.50
Pulled Pork BBQ Plate $15.50
Old Fashioned Pot Roast $15.50
Roasted Loin of Pork with Smoky Mac and Cheese $15.50
Red Chile Pork Enchilada $15.50
Red Bean and Beef Enchilada $15.50
Roast Loin of Pork with a Crust of Alder Smoked Sea Salt $15.50
Smoke Roasted Tri Tip of Beef with Adobo Sauce $16.50


New Orleans Style Shrimp and Chicken $16.50
Maple Brined and Smoked Salmon $16.50
Four Peppercorn Crust Chinook Salmon $16.50
Baked Salmon with Shrimp and Tomato $16.50
Salmon with Fresh Basil Pesto $16.50


Greek Chicken $15.50
Chicken Cordon Bleu $15.50
Whiskey Chicken $15.50
Chicken Picatta $15.50
Shanghai Honey Glazed Chicken $15.50


Choice of dessert is included with individual plated entrees

Angel Food Cake
Whipped cream and chocolate frosting with fresh strawberries
Flourless Chocolate Torte with Fresh Berries
 Triple Chocolate Tiger Cake  $4.50
 Ricotta Chocolate Chip Cheesecake  $4.50
 Berry Cobbler  $4.50
With cookie topping.
Tiramisu Cake



GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free

  • Bakeware (Feeds 2-3): $23.95
  • Small (Feeds 4-6): $31.95
  • Medium (Feeds 6-8): $37.95
  • Large (Feeds 8-10): $42.95


Fresh Fruit

  • Small: $5.00
  • Large: $8.00

Steamed Broccoli (For 3-5)

  • $7.50

Roasted Squash (For 3-5)

  • $7.50

Garden Salad with Dressing (For 6)

  • $18.00




Cabbage Rolls (A La Carte) (GF) Three Cheese Pasta (A La Carte)
B: $20.50, S: $27.75, M: $32.75, L: $38.25 B: $14.50, S: $21.75, M: $28.75, L: $32.25
Single muscle ground beef, vegetables, spices, asiago cheese, & mozzarella cheese Penne pasta, asiago cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, cream, & spices
Spaghetti & Meatballs (A La Carte)
B: $18.50, S: $25.75, M: $30.75, L: $36.25
Beef, egg, mozzarella, asiago & vegetables




Beef Scotch Tenders (GF, DF) New Orleans Shrimp & Chicken
Comes With: Mashed Potatoes & Bread Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread
Slow simmer beef, vegetables, deep red wine sauce & brown roux. Pork sausage, chicken breast, & fresh bay shrimp. Browned garlic, onion, celery, tomato & Creole seasonings (May Be Spicy).
Chicken Cordon Bleu (Special Order Only) Pesto Chicken
Comes With: Mashed Potatoes & Bread Comes With: Bread
Chicken breast filled with ham, egg, and swiss cheese – breaded and sautéed. Served with a velouté sauce. Chicken seasoned with roasted garlic & basil, marinara sauce, penne pasta, & pesto cream sauce.
Chicken Penne Pasta Roasted Pork with Winter Vegetables (GF, DF)
Comes With: Bread Comes With: Mashed Potatoes & Bread
Chicken breast, bacon, creamy mushroom sauce, penne pasta, &sautéed spinach. Oven roasted Dijon pork loin, brown mustard sauce & vegetables.
Chicken Picatta Rosemary Chicken with Fusilli Pasta
Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread Comes With: Bread
Pounded breast of chicken with flour breading, fresh herbs, parmesan cheese, & lemon cream sauce. Mediterranean style chicken with curly pasta, summer vegetables, & creamy mushroom sauce.
Chicken with Red Bean Enchiladas (GF) Sautéed Chicken with Polenta (GF)
Comes With: Spanish Rice & Bread Comes With: Bread
Corn tortillas filled with grilled breast of chicken, vegetables – topped with fresh tomato sauce seasoned with dried chilies. Cubed breast of chicken marinated in dry marsala, sautéed in olive oil with mushrooms, ham & onion. Finished with a light cream sauce of marsala, basil & oregano. Served over polenta.
Chicken Santé Fe (GF) Shanghai Chicken (DF)
Comes With: Spanish Rice & Bread Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread
SW inspired chicken, black beans, vegetables, rojo sauce, pepper jack, & cheddar. Hoisin glaze, garlic, ginger, molasses, vegetables with ginger sauce over curried rice noodles.
Classic Lasagna Smoke Roasted Pork Enchiladas (GF)
Comes With: Bread Comes With: Spanish Rice & Bread
Mozzarella, ricotta & ground beef bolognaise sauce. Corn tortillas filled with slow roasted pork tenderloin, vegetables,cheese, dried ancho chilies, tomatoes, & a touch of cocoa.
Vegetarian Eggplant Parmesan Tandoori Chicken (GF)
Comes With: Bread Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread
Eggplant Parmesan, Penne Pasta, & Marinara Sauce. Seasoned with spices including garam masala, garlic, ginger, and cayenne pepper – served over curried rice noodles.
Greek Chicken (GF) Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken
Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread Comes With: Bread
Garlic & rosemary grilled chicken breast, black olives, red onions, artichoke hearts & feta cheese. Penne, asiago, Swiss, cheddar, & grilled chicken
Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas (GF) Thai Chicken (GF)
Comes With: Spanish Rice & Bread Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread
Corn tortillas filled with grilled breast of chicken, vegetables, cheese, green picante & tomatillo sauce. Thai marinated grilled chicken, sweet & sour sauce over curried rice noodles with vegetables.
Lemon Caper Salmon with Shrimp Vegetarian Enchiladas (GF)
Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread Comes With: Spanish Rice & Bread
Salmon, shrimp, capers, lemon, vegetables, & spices. Corn tortillas, vegetables, cheese, and picante sauce.
(Only available in Bakeware size)
Lemon Pepper Chicken (GF) Vegetarian Lasagna
Comes With: Yellow Rice & Bread Comes With: Bread
Sautéed summer vegetables, marsala sauce & lemon pepper seasoning. Squash, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, tomato sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, & parmesan cheese.
Meatloaf Whiskey Chicken
Comes With: Mashed Potatoes & Bread Comes With: Mashed Potatoes & Bread
Single muscle ground beef, house made gravy, & vegetables. Breaded chicken, whiskey cream sauce of mushroom & ham.
Garlic Lemon Shrimp with PastaComes With: BreadB: $29.75, S: $36.50, M: $41.50, L: $48.00Pasta tossed with shrimp, mushrooms, spinach & tomato. Dressed with a light lemon and white wine sauce & garnished with asiago cheese.


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