Valentines Day


Foggy mornings like this I just long for those times that used to be; days where everything lay before, wrapped in cellophane dreams and Christmas bows.

There was a single golden path, not yet littered with those not taken or strewn with steps retreated from, but just a road with no particular destination and all the time in the world to get there.

It’s all a journey, I suppose; we start out at a crawl, begin to run, slow to a stroll and end with a plod.

Let’s all have the best of weeks and look forward to spring and…………………


Valentines Day!!!


Yes, it’s nearly here and again this year we are having our romantic, have it at home, evening for two.

Our complete menu is posted on our What’s New page this week for those of you who would like to plan ahead.

So perhaps this year, in place of getting in the car, sitting in a crowded restaurant, looking around for service, staring at the overpriced “special” menu, yawning, knowing it will be late by the time you get home and there will be work tomorrow, just park the kids and stay home.

For the price of a sitter you can own a romantic evening alone where you can have a conversation and where public displays of affection are encouraged.

Enjoy “room service” from Tate and Tate.

Choose your entrees from our special menu and have them delivered to your door.

Dim the lights, light the fire, turn on the tunes, open the wine and sample our complementary appetizers while your dinner warms.

The rest is up to you….

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