The Holidays

So here we are, back again, gearing up for the season, clearing out the cobwebs and looking for that Kenny G Christmas CD.

Even though CD’s now teeter before the god of technological extinction, gone to MP3’s, IPhones, IPods or that great musical black hole in the sky.

Geez, I’ve not even got my old vinyl’s replaced to CD, the “Turtles” were lost in translation, “Tommy James and the Shondelles” gone to clutter or hanging on in Mom’s garage with the box marked  “ kitchen stuff 1970”.

Pretty soon, days really, my allowable conscious thought will be consumed by kitchen focus, what done by when, be sure to taste that, saying the words and checking it twice.

Anyway, “Thank You” to everyone who partakes in our “Thanksgiving packages”, it is an honor to be a part of the family.

OK, the dog snout under the keyboard and between my legs, is an indicator that doggie breakfast is now long over due so………….

 We will be offering a number of special entrée’s for the season and will be listing those on our website and in our e-menu later this week, but Barb’s gotta’ send this portion out now and Daisy is beginning to root about in the wastebasket munching on last weeks mail.

Love to all for a glorious season.

 Time is precious, hug the ones you love, we are too soon gone, utter the kind word it takes no more effort than silence, speak from the heart and always pat the old dog on the head.

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