Tate and Tate in the Fall

The Dexter Dog is curled up in what remains of summer, over by the fence in the early morning, trying to wring a bit o warmth from the morning sun sunshine.

That seems to be his temperament, it’s all good and breakfast is just around the corner.

Seems as though we’ve been gone from home forever, July through September was non-stop and April through June much the same.

We finally reconnected the sprinkler system and stopped watering the asphalt, the dogs had raced through the area creating the usual cloud of dust, and so, with water, we may have some semblance of a yard here next year.

Lola Dog tries to keep everyone in line, snapping, snarling and every now and then chasing the Springers about the yard, but they’re just much too quick.

Daisy, is the most respectful, mindful of past reprisals, she sits with Lola’s command, willing to go in the office for the mid morning nap under Barb’s feet without fuss.

Lola then shrugs and saunters off to her hole, snuggling her aching hips against the cold soil, taking the weight away from her stubby legs, letting the earth support her, drifting into dreams.

She too was young once, it is just different now and things don’t work the same, nothing that’s happened overnight, with time you adjust, bending differently, running less, sleeping more, and considering the outcome before acting.

Fall arrives, softly fading light; the smoke from the Sisters fire makes everything dreamlike, as if encased in gauze or as a daguerreotype.

I still see my father, a lifetime ago, we’d play catch in the front yard; skinny me, buzz cut hair and Coke bottle eyewear; he in a fully zipped, cloth windbreaker over a white shirt, slacks and hard soled shoes.

We were uncomfortable mimics of the normal life.

Warmest regards,

Barb & George


Special Menu Items for the Week

Available only as individual plated entrees.

Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.
Please give a day’s notice for your order on plated items.

“Blackened” Salmon  13.50

Salmon seasoned with a mixture of spices and done “cajun” style in a hot iron skillet.

Served with Louisiana coulis of peppers, tomatoes and beans.

Grilled Salmon with Sweet chili and Harissa            13.50

Fresh, salmon marinated with sweet chili and brushed with a fiery Middle Eastern herb paste of chilies, paprika, cardamom and cumin.

Petrale Sole in Champagne butter sauce              12.50

So here is a clean method of cookery that ends in a reduction of the poaching liquor, a touch of butter, a bit of cream, lemon and a splash of Champagne.

Simple a fine, fine white fish.
Greek grilled pork with red onions, garlic and feta cheese. 12.75

A dish for the sun and sea of the Mediterranean, olive oil and lemon marinade then a light sauce of jus bound with feta and garnished with red onion, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts.

All you need is Grappa.

Moroccan grilled chicken with couscous    12.50

We use a rub of cumin, cinnamon, garlic and lemon before grilling, then serve with a yogurt and cucumber dipping sauce.

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