Summer is Here

Ahh, it’s summer at last and a day off thrown in to boot.

There, in the alley, lies the remains of a bird, so long dead and tire flattened that it’s become an artsy inlay to the dirt road surface.

The Daisy dog is entranced, she, like Lola dog despises birds and chases them about the yard each day; barking and dancing at those what taunt her from the roofline.

But this one, this one Daisy can grab hold of, prance with, the wings stiff and dry point in opposite directions, the head flat and unmoving, she’s off to bury the vestiges, a sweet surprise for another day.

George & Barb, 2012


Summer is here! What happened to Spring?

Remember, we have cold beer available at our NW Crossing store!

Moonstruck Chocolates * Kombucha Mama * Gift Certificates

all available at our NW Crossing Store

2755 NW Crossing Dr, Suite 109 · Bend, OR 97701 · 541-706-9317

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Special Menu Items for the Week

Available only as individual plated entrees.

Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.
Please give a day’s notice for your order on plated items.


Tortilla breaded breast of chicken with tomato salsa            12.50
Pan-fried with whipped potatoes and vegetables.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken     12.50
It is summer isn’t it?

Grilled Mahi Mahi 13.50
Lemon grass and cocoanut sauce

Grilled Salmon with Sweet chili and Harissa        12.50
Fresh, salmon marinated with sweet chili and brushed with a fiery Middle Eastern herb paste of chilies, paprika, cardamom and cumin.

Grilled Rosemary Flank Steak       13.5
Summer vegetables and a caper brown sauce.


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