St. Patrick’s Day Special

O.K., so we don’t get out much, head down and warmly cocooned behind the stove as we are. But we did venture out in search of a DVR machine on Sunday. Silly me, pretty much missed that technological dinghy said the sales guy as he showed us the one dusty model in stock at Best Buy.

Heck, the Costco lady didn’t even bother with us.

The whole shebang, in some magical way, just works through the computer I always thought of as a television set.

I guess we just missed the opportunity to place the DVR on top of our barely used DVD player, which sits upon our old VCR, which in turn is astride the CD player that sits next to the Cable Set Box over by the cassette tape deck that gathers dust with the 8 track player and the calcified vinyl albums left from the stone age.

So, it’s off to the Cable Company we go.

Lest we forget, St. Patrick’s Day approaches, now that’s a holiday we never really knew how to deal with.

Honestly, corned beef and cabbage? coddle, beer and potato soup.

Now, Irish whisky is something that can be understood, we put most of a bottle away the night we let go of our old Springer friend, Rosco dog.

It was cheap medicine for to ease the pain and see him on his journey, toasting a life too short but well lived.

We made lists of memories and put them away together with old photos, collars and wisps of fur to be dealt with on sunnier days.

We saluted it all with shots of the thin brown whisky, sealed the envelope and went about our lives.

Warmest regards,

George & Barb

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