Spring is almost here, as God is my witness. I shall be warm again, ground will thaw, birds will sing and life will out.

Geez, from the look of the power bill it must of been gold shavings we’ve been burning to keep warm. We actually live in dread of the grocery aisle, rumor has it they first run your credit line before allowing the actual purchase of celery or fruit and that onions will be on a “loaner” only basis by next week, so stock up, say, last month.

It must be spring, Mark the fishmonger, has the first Columbia River salmon came on market for a mere, $16.95 per pound; that’s whole fish, head, tail, fins and icy, dead weight. So, we brought one in for a video shoot we were doing and  it seemed  tiny. At least compared to my memory of the giants that filled my work table when I was young, for not  a whole lot of money either, back in the days before the world was formed, . Why, this little thing was a $120 bucks, that’s about as much as my  first teenage car payment used to be.

At this rate they’ll no longer need to swim upstream, they can drive Escalades.

This was  for the whole fish mind you, so after you fillet and skin it, there’s just no way that you can cut it up and sell it at a reasonable price for the ordinary person to take home for dinner and still cover the cost, that alone make money.

Set it all in our nice little oven/microwave dish and sent them out the door as individual portions for $13.50.

Just to  ”offer it” you know?, say that we’d seen one like a Yeti.  It certainly wasn’t for profit, although Barb got a couple meals out of it so I guess that is something.

2013-04-18 13.38.26

Just broiled with lemon and butter, sea salt and a few grinds of black pepper over the top. A dab of caper butter sauce underneath with some roasted summer squash, turmeric & wild rice pilaf and  asparagus to finish.

Mark say’s he actually sold another one, to a gallery, as art work; but the good part is that with no takers at that price perhaps some will actually be allowed upriver to spawn, if they can navigate the damns, Indians, poachers, seals and just plain bad luck, that is.

Fresh, wild Salmon should run through our rivers here in the Northwest like blood through our veins and it’s shameful to of allowed the state of wild salmon to fall so low by inattention, ineptitude or just not giving a damn.

But I suppose we can chalk it up it to the list of poor choices; the over dependence upon fossil fuels, the shrinking ozone layer, Social Security, money in politics or a short attention span.

Perhaps it’s just to easy to place the blame on politicians, maybe I’ve got it wrong and the salmon were always as doomed as the passenger pigeon, the dodo bird, nickel pay phones, 25 cent gasoline, or the countless other items that have vanished away under the relentless wheels of change.

It’s as simple as that.

And maybe we’re just standing in line waiting our turn.

I remember how my eyes would glaze over when my old man would complain about 85-cent bar drinks, 2 dollar smokes and the price of getting ahead.

The wheel just turns and I guess we should be thankful we don’t live in the future.

Have a great week, eat well and thank you for thinking of us.


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