Spring in Central Oregon

Spring in Central Oregon; the slightest bit of sun sends us into a spectacle of gratitude telling each other “how nice it is today”, as we scrape the ice from the car window or turn up the thermostat to chase the chill from the room watching all that deceptive daylight undulating by the window masquerading as a lazy July afternoon.

True enough, the grass is green and high, dandelions dot the lawn with yellow freckles, the elm aches to deposit those millions of little seed from it’s branches before leafing out for summer and the urge to plant tomatoes is a fever running through the neighborhood gardeners.

Turned so hot so fast that I failed to get my water system turned on, “system” that’s a joke, by our ever rotating group of landscapers and looking for work wino’s.

Anyway, the west lot has gone to dust and with the application of water will turn to mud, which in turn will become a gooey playground for the dogs whose only interest is a fleeing tennis ball.


George & Barb, 2012


Special Menu Items for the Week

Available only as individual plated entrees.

Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.
Please give a day’s notice for your order on plated items.

Tortilla breaded breast of chicken with tomato salsa            12.50
Pan-fried with whipped potatoes and vegetables.

Garlic and lemon Wild shrimp saute    12.50
Wild Gulf of Mexico shrimp, full flavored and garlic butter rich.
Tossed with summer vegetables.

Grilled Mahi Mahi 13.50
Lemon grass and cocoanut sauce

Grilled Salmon with Sweet chili and Harissa        12.50
Fresh, salmon marinated with sweet chili and brushed with a fiery Middle Eastern herb paste of chilies, paprika, cardamom and cumin.

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