Salmon in the Spring

Spring surrounds us here in our kitchen cage protected from the juniper pollen.

We occasionally peek out to snip a tuft of chive or inspect the lettuce growth only to be driven back to the sanctuary of antihistamines and filtered air.

The chives are wonderment though, spreading about the herb bed as a companion to the eternal mint and sage, mindless of freeze or drought.

So, is that the drumbeat of politicians in the background?

It’s always been the same; even on the playground our games of four squares became a referendum on the better candidate, Nixon or Kennedy.

Yet, here we sit, decades later, decades mind you, with no better plan then the use of petrochemicals to keep us in motion as the ice caps melt into the sea

Again, with the fresh wild salmon this week we are.

So nice, so firm, so fully packed.

We set aside a number of doughs to flavor last week.

When kneaded into a fresh batter they lend a silky, sometimes-buttery body and an airy crust for toasting to the resulting loaf.

We bake every day awaiting the return of carbs.

Stay warm and hug the ones you love.

Thanks for supporting all of us here in the big kitchen.


Fresh ocean troll Chinook Salmon ready to be filleted20140519_140626

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