Really, half the time now I can’t remember

what I was doing five minutes ago: stop what I’m doing to get some important item from the walk in or refrigerator and once there, become awed by the abundance and completely forget my original purpose.

Genetic overload in some primeval brain cell that nova’s up with the sight of all that food, blotting out the present tense, producing a Neanderthal like state, slack jawed and glassy eyed with the slightest of drool.

That particular brain cell, I’m sure, sits right next to the one for Love.

In any event, it’s an interesting time these days; all during the week the old dogs and I sit on the couch in the early dark before work, with our morning biscuits and coffee, watching the news in silence, the headlines ticker by, dogs settle in and begin to snore, the truck warms in the drive.

Time just flows, events erupt all around, always have, we have wonders today, which, like the miracle of air flight to our grand parents, will be the routines of our grandchildren.

What we hold dear, our family and friends the only true constants, the North Stars of this journey.

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