Mother’s Day Special

We are offering our special Mother’s day package for those that would like to choose something other than the restaurant experience this year.

Brunch Package for 4
$30.00 (plus delivery if requested)

Special Includes:
*A Cheesy, Vegetable Strata,
oven ready and a breeze to bake
*A Five Pack of our Awesome, Cinnamon Rolls
*Potatoes & Handmade Fennel Sausage Patties
*Fresh Fruit


We were talking of memories, how, as we age they seem to drop away like synchronized divers, one at a time, into some lost pool.

And Barb say’s this remains her earliest childhood memory.

The grass glistens with that “sparkly kind” of diamond dew, a glistening carpet; there in the cool of the early morning summer sun; a miracle if, for the very first time ever, you’ve beheld it; mesmerizing to a little princess without comprehension of what a miracle might be because she’s just 2 and has never been outside untended on her own.

There’s nothing to compare it with inside the only place she’s ever known, that drab little Illinois preacher’s house, boring; left alone on the potty while Momma, to prevent bottle envy, feeds Little Brother in another room. She slips down, out the door, down the street and new hatched into the world, stopping at flowers, toddling into the fresh grass, scooping up tiny handfuls of jewels that turn into water then run down her arms.

Laughing in the sunlight waiting for Momma to find her and take her home.

Happy Mother’s Day

Polly, Gracie and Lorene.

George & Barb, 2012

2 Responses to Mother’s Day Special

  1. Neal Huston April 30, 2013 at 11:06 am #

    George and Barb –

    We’re interested in the Mothers Day special for four. We living in NorthWest Crossing now. What day would we pick up and where…or is there delivery on the 12th (probably not)?


    Neal and Linda

    • George May 1, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

      Did you receive my reply this am about being available on Friday, May 10 for pick up or Saturday, May 11 for delivery. We will be closed on May 12 to enjoy Mother’s Day with George’s mom.

      Thank you,
      Barb and George

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