She sits outside on one of our hard plastic chairs that surround the relic of this round, iconic glass, picnic table that’s been just too much trouble to discard over the past decade. Feet in clean, white running shoes, swinging without touching the ground, Momma looks ever the much so like a little girl, small and fragile, made of porcelain or glass, a bit lost.

Our dogs swirl beneath her chair, searching for crumbs, surfacing for each cookie tidbit that she doles out piece after piece, listening intently as she speaks in a language all of their own, time flows as some slow, meandering river, our patio a raft to ferry them safely on as the world glides silently by.

It’s a clip art through our back window, this peek into a private place. An island where it doesn’t matter she cannot hear as she once did or see things as before. The dogs are these reassuring white, brown and black furry shapes sometimes bobbing up close enough to make out a face, never arguing, forever listening without speaking and always there, warm, ever within reach, close at hand.

My powers don’t include providing Fountains of Youth or turning back time and I’m too weak to revisit the past without losing my bearing in what might have been. I can only wish her comfort and a dry place to rest while she tells the dogs of her life, wishes, thoughts and dreams, whispering softly, drifting ever so slowly, slowly away.



Available only as individual plated entrees.
Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.

Fresh Halibut with black beans & Salsa                 15.50

Dipped in corn flour and pan roasted.
Served on a bed of chili simmered black beans with a tomato salsa.

White wine poached halibut with shrimp             16.50

Gently poached halibut fillet in a creamy white wine and caper sauce.
Garnish with sautéed shrimp.

Broiled fillet of salmon with ginger and soy.       13.50

An oriental marinade, sparkling with ginger, broiled and served on a bed of thinly sliced vegetables tossed with a coconut curry.

Grilled Tri tip Steak                                                  13.50

Something good and beefy, with mushrooms and a rosemary brown sauce.

Grilled breast of chicken  with a tropical salsa    13.50

Something light for the spring like weather.
Grilled then served over a bed of shredded vegetables with a dap of cocoanut sauce.
Finished with a fresh salsa of lime, jalepeno, mango and papaya.

Thank you all for your support and do drop by our new retail space at 12th & SW Indian in Redmond for fresh and frozen grab and go meals.


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