Late Summer


Our little family is so very tired, early mornings, long days and late nights.

But, we’ve been fortunate here, summer’s nearly gone, out the doorway a fugitive sunbeam dances across the lawn, Momma and Sweet Lorene are in the distance ambling our way.

Everyone’s healthy, there’s food on the table and the rent is paid.

Hard work can be it’s own reward.


Darling Barbara is in the kitchen addressing our sleepy hounds; a sweet, one sided, affair, the dogs sit patiently awaiting breakfast while she putters with the china and sets water to boil for tea.


Yesterday’s coffee has disappeared, I fear that it has gathered life of it’s own and crawled off to do harm to others.


We all deserve love in this life.

Barb and I had coffee under the elm this morning, away from the traffic; the air so clear and harvest weather warm.

We sitting, talking the way old friends will, partners in this business of ours, using the shorthand of shared experience to explain ourselves.


Summer has washed over as some great wave leaving us drenched; it’s like cresting to the surface from beneath the water and finding yourself in Kansas rather than home upon the couch.

Life is too short, so precious; it’s not that we all don’t value it as we go about our day but soft September mornings seem custom made for reflective conversation and sweet companionship.

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