Well, the weather has turned cold, the zucchini black and the tomatoes to compost.

Must be nearly Halloween.

The doorbell rings, the hounds bark and bolt for the door, crowding the screen for a peek, Dexter Dog will bury his head in the nearest offered sack like a horse to a feed bag, kind of a reverse “Trick or Treat”, coming away with some goodie, trotting back to his big red chair carrying his prize, awaiting his next victim and leaving some befuddled child weeping on the step.

Parents will freeze to the walk huddling together in tribal communion, passing the flask, illuminated by the campfire glow cigarettes and passing headlights.

Automobiles purr at the curb, exhaust clouds turning to ice, only to fall, shattering to the curb;

Hijacked Jack O’Lanterns lie crushed in the street as empty candy wrappers swirl by their vacant, one toothed smiles.

Our sleepy neighborhood of elderly, go to bed earlies, has been infested with Holiday aficionados; ghostly music permeates the night from rooftop loudspeakers, giant blowup black cats weave in the chilly wind and bed sheet ghosts wave from the trees.

Cobwebs abound and ghoulish figurines stand by the door, our new neighbors await, dressed as aliens, cowboys or zombie doctors, with bowls of sugar treats doling them out like manna to the masses.

The season creeps in upon us.


Have a wonderful week, enjoy the last gasps of yet another fading summer and hug the ones you love.

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