Crap, looks like Portland outside my office window this morning, gray and drizzle as far as the eye can see and there’s some guy sleeping amongst the cardboard, behind the Quickie Mart.

Some days there is just not enough coffee in the world to turn the engine over for another go. I swear, for all the day old coffee I’ve consumed, my lining should be rusted like an ancient bucket.

Probably is.


Every morning, about this time, a scruffy collie kinda’ dog passes my window in a smart trot heading down the street. He generally carries some kind of prize in his mouth, a bag of left over McDonalds one day, a bone or something the next.

He looks pretty happy, purposeful, heading home from the hunt to settle down for breakfast; perhaps one day I’ll think far enough ahead to have a little food set out for him.

Oh, George……………….


This rain will put the berry crop down for the count though, we’re lucky to pull in several flats of strawberries and raspberries for both stores this morning, but, that’ll be about it until the weather clears, then we’ll get blueberries and the later cane berries like blacks, Logans and Marions.

The Copper River Sockeye has been pretty nice, small and expensive, but tasty and nice looking on the plate.

Well, gotta’ roll this up and get out of here into the kitchen, the rain is making me sleepy and there’s no time for that today.

There’s totes to lift and barges to row.


So the strawberry crop took a stutter last week, a reminder that they will soon be gone.

We are offering half flats for $12, pints for $2.50, Individual portions of strawberry short cake are $3.75 and larger sizes are available.Riccota cheesecake 2

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