For Men Only

Look, there is one sure thing that will put a smile on her face in the morning after Valentines Day. All right, all right, well, perhaps two things, depending upon whether she’s a morning person and how she’s approached.

Our theme here is romance; any schmuck can buy flowers from Costco but it’s a step up to have them delivered to her work, eh?

Sure, it’s nice to go out for dinner to her favorite spot, anyone can do that, look around you’ll be surrounded by guys just like you, dressed up, paying a restaurant for your romance and then you gotta’ shell out a tip on top of it.

Scheech, just paint “Sucker” on my forehead will ya’?

It is light years cooler to have Tate & Tate catered to your home. She doesn’t even have to do the dishes, just put em’ back in the tote from which they came and kick it out to the porch. We’ll come get it the next day. Think of the energy she’ll have left, not to mention the time.

Make dinner together, open a bottle of wine (yes, we have a unique wine list just for the occasion), dance in the kitchen and speak meaningfully from your heart, let there be music and soft lighting.

It is light years cooler.

Yes, yes, we guys know it’s a bit self-serving but that doesn’t preclude romance and authenticity.

So, anyway, the next morning open up our breakfast package; throw the vegetarian egg strata in the oven, pour up the fresh squeezed juice, heat up the sweet buns, open the fruit, put it on a tray.

Voila’ breakfast in bed and you are a Rock Star of Romance.

By the way, it takes about 40 minutes for the strata to cook.

Yeah, it’s a workday and you’ll be late, so what.

There will be will be a smile on your face and you can put the blame on Tate & Tate.

Oh yes, George’s Valentine’s Day marital aid package for the impaired spouse can be found here:

Simply ask to add our Honeymooners Breakfast Package.
Serves 2 for $14

At our Bend NW Crossing store we are resuming our Monday through Friday hours -10:00 am to 6:00 pm for the school year.

Moonstruck Chocolates * Kombucha Mama * Gift Certificates
all available at our NW Crossing Store
2755 NW Crossing Dr, Suite 109 • Bend, OR 97701 • 541-706-9317

Our Redmond location now has Moonstruck Chocolates too-
just in time for the next sweet holiday, Valentine’s Day!

We are constantly in awe of the uniquely kind hearted generosity of each person here.
Thank you
George Tate
Tate and Tate Catering LLC
Fresh and frozen grab and go meals are also available at our Redmond location.
1205 SW Indian Ave  •   Redmond, OR 97756  •  541-548-2512


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