Fall Feasts with Tate and Tate

Back to school, summers ends and smoke ascends from Black Butte along the horizon.

It has been busy season for us here at the “No Longer Big Kitchen”, four a.m. mornings and midnight returns.

Summer has washed over as some great wave leaving us drenched; it’s like cresting to the surface from beneath the water and finding yourself in Kansas rather than home upon the couch.

Life is too short, so precious; it’s not that we all don’t value it as we go about our day but soft September mornings seem custom made for reflective conversation and sweet companionship.

This is a memory from years past, before the arrival of Daisy Dog.

Ah Geezus, Lola Dog got skunked….

I’m sorry baby, yes; yes I know we “ALWAYS TURN THE LIGHT ON FIRST”.

But it’s 2 a.m. after a 3 a.m. day; it’s night, and the dogs are leading the blind here.

Sadistic little black one nudging my dead hand with cold nose from the side of the bed, brushing back the cobwebs of my sleep with her determination to go outside,


So, we rouse the Dexter Dog and into the dark we go, him and I trudging drowsily along, she bouncing on short, spring loaded legs as if the floor were a trampoline.

Open the door and Armageddon descends, every dog in the neighborhood screams to life, it’s a prison movie where the riot erupts, thunderous yelling, limbs waving through locked bars, great streamers of toilet paper trailing over the railings, smoke, debris, utter chaos.

Lord help me, here I stand, door open, in my bathrobe and underwear, bewildered, peering into the Seventh Circle of Hell.

The dogs race to the fence, Lola, a missile, close to the ground, ears back, nostrils flared, Dexter in dim, confused, but loyal pursuit, they wheel to the open yard, there’s a scuffle beneath the tree, flying bark mulch, dust, howling all around, pandemonium rises in a mushroom cloud, about the neighborhood bedroom lights snap to life.

Then the smell.

Lola and Dexter shoot through my legs, into the house where they swirl, panting, in total bliss of the moment, a regular doggie roller coaster ride, they turn and rush to the bedroom anxious to share their good fortune.

I’m glazed with shock, frozen, surely it’s not that bad, Dexter was fine, yes, perhaps Lola caught a glancing blow, but, but, then Barb rounds the corner, both dogs by the collar tails down, convicts caught by the law “ALWAYS TURN THE LIGHT ON FIRST” she brushes past the statue of me, tosses them into the yard and shuts the door.


Ahh shucks.

Warmest regards,

Barb & George

Special Menu Items for the Week

Available only as individual plated entrees.

Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.
Please give a day’s notice for your order on plated items.

Grilled Chinook Salmon with Sweet chili and Harissa          13.50

Fresh, salmon marinated with sweet chili and brushed with a fiery Middle Eastern herb paste of chilies, paprika, cardamom and cumin.

Grilled Boneless pork Chops with Walla Walla Onion and apple chutney    12.50

Beef and fusilli pasta Stroganoff 12.50

Creamy, mushroom goodness with a curly noodle.

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