Daylight Savings

Geez, I more than mildly dislike this “set the clock up an hour thing”; it’s like getting up at 2 rather than 3, then I’m groggy, cranky and under caffeinated the day long.

If they would just leave me be; no, the taxes aren’t done and that pile over there needs tended to before it wobbles into heap on the floor, along with the newspaper and quilt that the dog and I snuggled into for another hours sleep because it was 2, not 3!!!

And, where is that damn coffee anyway.

Anyway, I’m going to go chop, cut and make soup, try to be civil, listen to the music, whatever it might be, and go about my day as best as I can.

I need an intravenous form of delivery for my caffeine, one of those hospital drip bags that just pour it into my system while I work, then push it around with me as I walk to the cooler and back.

Maybe I’ll start the corned beef so it can simmer all day long, pack up the cooked chicken for the Humane Society dogs and put a little something together from this weekends leftovers for Greenwood Manor.

If I do some good for someone else perhaps some good will come to me, like finding my coffee or setting the clocks back the way they should be.

Warmest regards,

George & Barb

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