Chanterelle Mushrooms and Wild Geese

The geese rise from some pond beyond the canyon, honking and gathering, then flying directly above, moving south. So close that I can almost make out the webbing design on their feet.
The sounds they give are those of one preparing for a journey, low, lazy complaints yet resigned to be being finally underway.
Stragglers come by ones or twos with a distinctive, plaintive bleating quality to their calls and a serious rushing of wings.
It is hard to believe that there is not a soul or spirit or life force in every living creature.
Some spark. Some grace.
Maybe it is just fall, the waning of the summer that puts me in thought of mortality and such.
I’m tired, place a long sigh of resignation here.
Thinking of our old dogs we let go of in years gone by.
How Gina loved to snap the heads from the daisies, spit them to the ground, then shake her head in disgust.
It was some type of doggie revenge for being stung on the snout by a bee in a previous summer.

Anyway, now we have sweet Lola and the Springers. They are a fitting memorial to our late friends, in their own fashion, of course.

It’s late.
Time to go; tomorrow’s an early day.
Keep warm and hug the ones you love.
Warmest regards,
Barb & George

That pretty much says it all, you can run, but you cannot hide.
We will be offering gift certificates in any denominations for the quick, unique gift option and urge you to reserve a date early for that holiday gathering.
Warmest regards, Barb & George

Special Menu
Items for the Week

Available only as individual plated entrees.
Includes choice of soup or salad with bread and dessert.
Please give a day’s notice for your order on plated items.

Grilled Salmon with Sweet chili and Harissa            13.50
Fresh, salmon marinated with sweet chili and brushed with a fiery Middle Eastern herb paste of chilies, paprika, cardamom and cumin.

Grilled Chicken with creamy Chanterelle Mushrooms    12.75
If we get a little rain there should be mushrooms everywhere.

Moroccan grilled chicken with couscous    12.50
We use a rub of cumin, cinnamon, garlic and lemon before grilling.

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