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The delivery woman is here,

 we’re sending this machine back and not taking the one they sent in it’s place, explaining why, not enough BTU’s, need bigger stuff not smaller to move forward. The sun glints off the neighbors new paint job, brick red and undone ‘cause he spilled the last two gallons in the grass then went off for […]

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There’s bag of dry dog food riding around

  in the back of Barb’s car and it has a  kind of early homosapien, cave wall etching of wolves stalking a forlone bison on some  vast prairie. It’s a wild food for savage animals; venison and buffalo, snarling teeth with dripping jowls, muscles gathered, ready to pounce. The beast on the bag is wary, eyes […]

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Well, there’s another holiday season that’s gone;

Christmas Eve, Mama and Sweet Lorene settle on the couch like snowflakes sifting through the night, fragile, momentary and all too soon, gone. We exchange a little money, small talk and a bit of time. There’s the inevitable pile of new socks, Wal Mart mixed nuts and assorted gift cards to be sorted through, misplaced […]

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Chanterelle Mushrooms and Wild Geese

The geese rise from some pond beyond the canyon, honking and gathering, then flying directly above, moving south. So close that I can almost make out the webbing design on their feet. The sounds they give are those of one preparing for a journey, low, lazy complaints yet resigned to be being finally underway. Stragglers […]

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Mother’s Day Special

We are offering our special Mother’s day package for those that would like to choose something other than the restaurant experience this year. Brunch Package for 4 $30.00 (plus delivery if requested) Special Includes: *A Cheesy, Vegetable Strata, oven ready and a breeze to bake *A Five Pack of our Awesome, Cinnamon Rolls *Potatoes & […]

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New Season with Tate and Tate

It would be the vagabond life for me. That romantic hobo scene from an old time movie, the bag of worldly possessions slung over the shoulder on a stick, a Red Skelton, upturned, pork pie hat and half spent cigar held by fingerless gloves. Each day to be something precious, held close, examined like a […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Special

O.K., so we don’t get out much, head down and warmly cocooned behind the stove as we are. But we did venture out in search of a DVR machine on Sunday. Silly me, pretty much missed that technological dinghy said the sales guy as he showed us the one dusty model in stock at Best […]

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A repeat story for Valentine’s

02/13/2012 There was a time, when money was small and moments together short, the conventions of Valentine’s Day awash from every media outlet and supermarket shelf; that there seemed to be no unique way to express my feelings for her other than maybe dying the dogs pink (hard to do, one being black the other […]

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For Men Only

02/06/2012 Look, there is one sure thing that will put a smile on her face in the morning after Valentines Day. All right, all right, well, perhaps two things, depending upon whether she’s a morning person and how she’s approached. Our theme here is romance; any schmuck can buy flowers from Costco but it’s a […]

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Super Bowl Sunday Specials

01/29/2012 The hounds are arranged about the living room like discarded dust mops; big Dexter Dog upside down in his red leather chair, head over the edge and tongue lolling, legs splayed, completely asleep with his eyes open. The Daisy curled on the couch next to Barb and invisible Lola snoring the old dog snores […]

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