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04/15/13 Now, I’ve lived in this place for most my years so it comes as no shock to get up in the morning and find the ground littered. My new neighbor, on the other hand, has been watering a new front lawn for a week with a sprinkler system set for around 3 a.m., and […]

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So it looks like the latest version of the itinerant yard guy is a no show; the grass is dog belly high and the “never go away” mint is beginning to devour the flowerbeds once again. I swear, plastic flowers and cement have never looked so appealing to me as they do this morning. And […]

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She sits outside on one of our hard plastic chairs that surround the relic of this round, iconic glass, picnic table that’s been just too much trouble to discard over the past decade. Feet in clean, white running shoes, swinging without touching the ground, Momma looks ever the much so like a little girl, small […]

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Consider the Mango

Consider the Mango, so few come to us ripe, that when they do, well, lets just say there are a lot of them around here now days. First of all there is “ripe” then there is “perfect”. Those that have the slightest “give” when gently held and softly squeezed, a small shudder of anticipation, a […]

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  Someone has ravaged the toilet paper; a roll lies torn and gashed in the hallway, another beaten by the bath, white against the floor, they are crime scene, chalk body outlines from some doggie drive by. It happens so fast, it couldn’t be our dogs; aren’t they asleep at our feet or curled in […]

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Cattle in Redmond

Stars in Heaven,

I ran across this old Redmond photo of cattle being driven down 6th street over on Katie Kirk’s FB. They used to do that in the ’50’s to get to the auction yard south of town. It reminded me of this story from the same time. That might even be me and some little girl […]

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Really, half the time now I can’t remember

what I was doing five minutes ago: stop what I’m doing to get some important item from the walk in or refrigerator and once there, become awed by the abundance and completely forget my original purpose. Genetic overload in some primeval brain cell that nova’s up with the sight of all that food, blotting out […]

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