My parents came to town in ’52 and bought a bar with a Chinese restaurant attached. I guess Pop just figured that if he owned the bar, it would cut down on his cost of drinking and Mama had been waiting tables at the “Y” tavern in Oregon City, anyway. So Kismit, kinda, sorta. Along […]

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The Holidays

So here we are, back again, gearing up for the season, clearing out the cobwebs and looking for that Kenny G Christmas CD. Even though CD’s now teeter before the god of technological extinction, gone to MP3’s, IPhones, IPods or that great musical black hole in the sky. Geez, I’ve not even got my old […]

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It would be the vagabond life for me. That romantic hobo scene from an old time movie, the bag of worldly possessions slung over the shoulder on a stick, a Red Skelton, upturned, pork pie hat and half spent cigar held by fingerless gloves. Each day to be something precious, held close, examined like a […]

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Gasp!!, A recipe, of sorts..

10/14/13 As a request from a guest who now lives in Arkansas, here’s something I seldom do, a salad dressing technique. # Sigh, as usual we don’t really have a small portion recipe, but this is what you can do to replicate our Caesar Dressing at home. It makes a good batch and will keep in the […]

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Another Summer Gone…………..

10/7/13 There are voices in the twilight, an early dusk veils their source; the sounds crystal yet distant, like music from an old gramophone, drifting through the dark; the laughter of children from the schoolyard across the street from where we live, us sitting on the stoop, waiting for the dogs to complete their benediction […]

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And then there was Fall

9/30/13 The old fellow lived up the road apiece; not “old” like us, but old in the quiet sense of having lived in that same house for over thirty years, the last seven by himself after the wife passed away, the kids having left long ago. Spent his days puttering in the yard, reclining on […]

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Late Summer

9/03/13 Our little family is so very tired, early mornings, long days and late nights. But, we’ve been fortunate here, summer’s nearly gone, out the doorway a fugitive sunbeam dances across the lawn, Momma and Sweet Lorene are in the distance ambling our way. Everyone’s healthy, there’s food on the table and the rent is […]

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8/26/13 Carol Lee Pankey leans over to me, see we’re both trapped in grade school at the time, she’s beautiful, I’m not, and she says something like  “Someone’s had garlic for supper”. Now, I’m confused, why she’s even looking in my direction anyway, startles me like a gazelle on a plain and I’m not even […]

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Fair Time

We were all busboys in my Father’s restaurant back in the early 60’s; Pop considered my rapidly dwindling supply of school friends to be his pool of cheap labor and constantly urged me to lure more of them, unsuspecting, into the fold. He couldn’t understand why no one stayed; the Halloween like attire of white […]

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Almost August

Woof, the summer whooshes down like an express bus. Time is a mystery here, passing as it does to the rhythm of the kitchen, mixers whine softly under their exertions, steam curls as mist above caldrons of soup, the pace ebbs and flows with the tapping of knives against chopping blocks. It’s a hot, late […]

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