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Mother’s Day Special

We are offering our special Mother’s day package for those that would like to choose something other than the restaurant experience this year. Brunch Package for 4 $30.00 (plus delivery if requested) Special Includes: *A Cheesy, Vegetable Strata, oven ready and a breeze to bake *A Five Pack of our Awesome, Cinnamon Rolls *Potatoes & […]

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Remembering old friends

So it looks like the latest version of the itinerant yard guy is a no show; the lawn is dog belly high and the “never go away” mint and grass is beginning to devour the flowerbeds once again. I swear, plastic flowers and cement have never looked so appealing to me as they do this […]

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New Season with Tate and Tate

It would be the vagabond life for me. That romantic hobo scene from an old time movie, the bag of worldly possessions slung over the shoulder on a stick, a Red Skelton, upturned, pork pie hat and half spent cigar held by fingerless gloves. Each day to be something precious, held close, examined like a […]

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Remember When

It was the summer of 1970, we took our off day meals at the “All you can eat for $1.00, Perry Boys Buffet” on the corner of 82nd and Foster Road, while working for the “Old Man” in that gawd awful, rat hole of a country western bar he owned in S.E. Portland. Well, he […]

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Full Moon Memories

The full moon makes me restless. Disturbs the sleep. It stirs the brain like silt from a riverbed. Thoughts and images rise as bubbles, murky, then shimmering, bursting crystal upon the surface. How will tomorrow be? Was there a container of whipped of cream with that last cobbler? Have I forgotten someone, something? Memories flicker […]

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Daylight Savings

Geez, I more than mildly dislike this “set the clock up an hour thing”; it’s like getting up at 2 rather than 3, then I’m groggy, cranky and under caffeinated the day long. If they would just leave me be; no, the taxes aren’t done and that pile over there needs tended to before it […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Special

O.K., so we don’t get out much, head down and warmly cocooned behind the stove as we are. But we did venture out in search of a DVR machine on Sunday. Silly me, pretty much missed that technological dinghy said the sales guy as he showed us the one dusty model in stock at Best […]

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Sometimes we just go browse the archive of what we’ve written here over the past eight years, looking for inspiration or guidance, but what we find instead is another world populated with garden wishes, sun dappled afternoons and glimpses of friends gone too soon. It’s filled with memories of the way we were at the […]

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Making Soup

There’s me and my typical Monday morning disarray of scattered Sunday papers, lost automobile keys and lists of things to do stapled to the lists of things I should have done. Ahh me, oh my, it’s high ho and off we go. Seems all I do is make soup these days, it’s fine, I enjoy […]

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A repeat story for Valentine’s

02/13/2012 There was a time, when money was small and moments together short, the conventions of Valentine’s Day awash from every media outlet and supermarket shelf; that there seemed to be no unique way to express my feelings for her other than maybe dying the dogs pink (hard to do, one being black the other […]

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