2:30 in The Morning


Ah Geezus, it’s two thirty in the Morning…. after a 3 a.m. day; dark as pitch, and the dogs are leading the blind here.

Sadistic little black one nudging my dead hand with cold nose from the side of the bed, brushing back the cobwebs of sleep with her determination to go outside, Right Now!!!

So, we rouse the Dexter Dog and into the dark we go, him and I trudging drowsily along, she bouncing on short, spring loaded legs as if the floor were a trampoline.

Dimly I recall that we can’t go out back, Mama has decided to hose the area with Round Up in her never ending fight against all things that grow and eventually make a mess. So it’s off limits for the dogs until the Bio Hazard unit comes and declares it safe.

So, we open the front door and it’s a party outside, young girls are laughing from the schoolyard swing set across the way like Spanish bells pealing in a western movie. Music, animated conversation, chortles, shouting over one another, boys trying to be cool and suave, like lures in a stream.

A low growl from the black dog at my feet, then raucous barking followed by a ragged leap down the stairs into the yard, the Dexter Dog goes from somnambulant to confused, beginning a puzzled bellow of a bark that rolls across the field and echoes up against the far buildings.

Daisy Dog springs from the bed, thunders down the hall and squirts between my legs adding a fervent “Amen” to the chorus in to the darkness.

Armageddon descends, every dog in the neighborhood screams to life, it’s a prison scene where the riot erupts, thunderous yelling, limbs waving through locked bars, great streamers of toilet paper trailing over the railings, smoke, debris, utter chaos.

Lord help me, here I stand, door open, in my bathrobe and underwear, bewildered, peering into the Seventh Circle of Hell.

The party across the way stutters, slows then continues unabated; the dogs settle, mark the outlines of their territory and return to be rewarded for bravery.

Lola and Dexter shoot through my legs, into the house where they swirl, panting, in total bliss of the moment, a regular doggie roller coaster ride, while Daisy just goes to bed.

I’m glazed with awe, it’s all happened so fast.

And I’m transported, why, that used to be me in the darkness, on the swings, with someone else’s barking dogs and ratty bathrobe standing in the ill lit doorway across the way, across the years.

It’s all happened so fast.

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